No reason to postpone new unit in Dukovany

The new unit in Dukovany is a crucial step in ensuring the energy self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic. Tomáš Kovalovský, chairman of the Czech Nuclear Association, and Vítězslav Jonáš, chairman of Energetické Třebíčsko had meeting in parliament.

There is considerable agreement on announcing a tender according to the original plan

Gradually, they met and talked with politicians Radim Fiala, Petr Gazdík, Jan Bartošek, Petr Třešňák and Pavel Kováčik. “We agreed with everyone that at present nothing prevents the announcement of a proper tender and there is no need to send a separate safety questionnaire, because is by itself part of the standard tender process.” Vítězslav Jonáš added that the tender would return to the standard process, including sufficient time to prepare bids.

Tomáš Kovalovský said “This procedure represents enough time for the bids evaluation, including technical, economic and safety assessments. CEZ and subsequently the new government will have the opportunity to select supplier according to the original schedule, ie the end of 2022.”

“We are pleasantly surprised that all the politicians we met are aware of the urgency of announcing a tender for the construction of a new unit in Dukovany and support the acceleration of further construction, in order to ensure energy self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic,” said Vítězslav Jonáš.

Negotiations with other members of the “ministry nuclear committee” will continue in the coming days.