If we want a new unit in Dukovany, then we have to do something

In the week from April 26, 2021, following meeting took place on the topic of the exhibition of the new unit in Dukovany. Attended was by Tomáš Kovalovský, chairman of the Czech Nuclear Association, Vítězslav Jonáš, chairman of Energetické Třebíčsko and Miroslav Křišťál, mayor of Dukovany.

The biggest political agreement and support of the Dukovany NPP tender since 2014

Representatives gradually met with members of the Standing Committee for the Construction of NPP – Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček, deputies Helena Langšádlová and Zbyněk Stanjura. “Once again, we left pleasantly surprised that all the politicians we met are aware of the urgency of announcing a tender for the construction of a new unit in Dukovany. politians support the acceleration of further construction,” said Tomáš Kovalovský. Adding that all politicians have a clear vision that the tender should be announced during this election period.

Vítězslav Jonáš reiterated that “There really is nothing to stop the announcement of a proper tender. The sending of a separate security questionnaire are only political loops. The tender should take place properly and in a standard process,” he added, “that extending and postponing the tender shortens the time for construction. But at the same time it makes construction more expensive.

Miroslav Křišťál adds that the existing power plant and new unit in Dukovany is a benefit not only for the village of Dukovany, but also for the entire energy region of which they are a part.

History is repeating

On April 29, 2021, a meeting of the Standing Committee for the Construction of the NPP took place. Representatives of the opposition submitted recommendations for a tender. However, the government insists and demands nonsensical security questionnaires.