Nuclear power plant easily and quickly

For non-experts, we enclose very nicely crafted instructional videos of how selected parts of nuclear power plants work. The nuclear power plant consists of many operating, safety and protection systems that ensure its safe operation.

The basic mission of a nuclear power plant is the production of electricity and heat. A nuclear power plant is a very complex facility. The following very simplified description is supplemented by tutorial videos.

Thermal cycle in a nuclear power plant – Part I

Primary circuit

The main source for heat production is a pressurized water nuclear reactor. It is part of the primary circuit together with steam generators and the main circulation pump. The steam generator ensures strict separation of the primary and secondary circuit. The primary circuit also includes a number of safety systems, water quality treatment systems, fuel change systems, as well as witnessed material samples.

Primary circuit of nuclear power plants

Temelín from the inside: The way to the open reactor

Secondary circuit

The heat transfer point is the steam generator. The heat exchanger tubes of the primary circuit heat the water in the tank, which evaporates to produce steam. The steam is then discharged to the turbine. Immediately behind the turbine there is a condenser, which ensures the condensation and cooling of the steam that passes through the turbine. Water is formed again from the steam, which is drained back to the steam generator.

Secondary circuit of nuclear power plants

Tertiary circuit

The tertiary circuit is a closed water circuit that supplies water from the cooling towers to the condenser and back.

Electrical parts and traffic control

The electrical parts provide not only the production of electricity on the turbogenerator, but also the power supply of all machines and equipment that are part of technological and safety systems. These are pumps, actuators for valves and dampers, heated, etc.

Operation control is provided by a control system, which ensures control and operation of all technological systems within operating parameters. The control system collects signals from all devices valves, temperature, pressure, chemistry, position monitoring, etc. The control system responds to these signals according to the programmed logic and issues commands to maintain the operating parameters.

Electrical parts of nuclear power plant

Reactor unit operation control