Aleš Cincibus


Chairman of the Management Board

SC Praha development, a.s.

Experience in energy since 2003

Jaromir Sochor



EGI, ČEZ – JE Dukovany, JE Temelín, Škoda Praha a.s., JE Temelín, ČEZ Energoservis s.r.o., Škoda Praha Invest, now retired

I have been working in energy for the whole career. A short time in the construction of IBZKG turbines, since 1978 during the construction of the Dukovany NPP as technical supervision of the investor in control and coordination of machine assemblies of the primary circuit of the NPP, later as head of the control and coordination department of machine assemblies of the primary circuit of Dukovany NPP For units 1 - 3 preparation and handover.
At NPP Temelín, continuation to the same position as the head of the department, later as the head of the department of coordination and control of machine assemblies on both units.
After the transition to Škoda Praha a.s. I first worked in the sales department, where, among other things, I provided the supply of TMDS from Westinghouse, including participation in final tests at the manufacturer before handing over to the Czech Republic for installation at Temelín NPP and as an administrator of strength, durability and seismic resistance certificates for Temelín NPP.
In the implementation department, I worked as the head of the department of all-professional coordination of assembly work on UNIT 2 until it was handed over for commissioning. At the same time, I was entrusted with the management of Škoda Praha at the Temelín NPP by coordinating work on the completion of the fresh fuel storage facility before the fresh fuel was delivered.
After finishing the work of the implementation section at the Temelín NPP, I joined ČEZ Energoservis.
At the Ledvice power plant, I worked as a project manager providing complete site preparation and preparation of construction organization for the 660MW unit, such as demolition work (K1 Unit), relocation of underground networks, modifications to the existing office building and construction of a new administration buildings, ensuring the preparation and construction of construction site equipment from design to implementation work. After finishing the previous work and after handing over the construction readiness of the engine room, I worked as a representative of the turbine building on the construction site as a coordinator of assembly work till handing over for commissioning.

Jiří Brych


sales director


Long-term investment and construction engineer. SES Bohemia Sales Director for the supply of energy units. Škoda Praha Invest project manager for the construction of Ledvice 660 MWe power plant, relocation of networks, chemical water treatment plant, energy by-products, raw water supply, separators, electrical, I&C, fire stations and others, including handover for start-up.

Michal Šnaider


NPP construction expert

Elektrárna Dukovany II. a.s.

Graduate of the master's degree of Power Machines and Equipment at CTU FS in Prague. He has been working in the energy sector since 2008, but thanks to his family, the electric power industry has accompanied him all his life. He worked and still works in CEZ Group. He started at Škoda Praha Invest, which was the general / EPC supplier to ČEZ for all ČEZ Renewal projects. He personally worked on the NZ ELE projects, here as the head of author's supervision, and at KO EPR II, here in the positions of HIP OB05 (Engine Room) and OB08 (Other equipment of the block). Within the Škoda Praha Invest, he also worked as the head of the Mechanical department in the Engineering section. Other activities within the ČEZ were subsidiaries of ÚJV Řež, Energoprojekt division and Škoda Praha, a.s. Here he held positions related to the leadership and management of entrusted projects in terms of procedural, technical and legislative in the implementation phase. Since 10/2020, he has been working for Elektrárna Dukovany II, a.s., which will be the investor and operator of the new nuclear power plant in Dukovany. Here he holds the position of NPP construction expert. In 2018, as one of the co-founders, he was at the birth of the Czech Nuclear Association, where he holds the position of Vice Chairman.

Miroslav Černík

Prof. Dr. Ing. CSc.

director of the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovations

Technical University of Liberec

He is a graduate of nuclear chemistry at the FNSPE CTU in Prague. He received his doctorate from the ETH Zurich in soil chemistry. He is currently the director of the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovations of the Technical University of Liberec. In his professional practice, he focuses mainly on the relationship of nanomaterials to the environment, which concerns not only their potential negative effects, but also their use in environmental protection, water and soil treatment. He also deals with chemical and biological processes in the rock environment, including the storage of spent nuclear fuel. He is the author of more than 170 articles in impact journals, which have over 3000 citations.

Jan Fiedler

Doc. Ing. Dr.

FME Energy Institute in Brno

In 1980, he graduated from the Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, majoring in heat turbines. He has connected his entire career with energy. Until 1992, he worked as a development designer for steam turbines at První Brněnská Strojírna (PBS) in Brno. He was the designer of several prototypes of steam turbines, which are successfully in operation.
Then he moved to the Department of Energy, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology, where he taught subjects: steam turbines, design in energy and heating.
Education: 1996 and 2001 Doc. From 2006 to 2019 he was the head of the Energy Engineering branch and the deputy director of the FME Energy Institute in Brno.
He was a solver of science and research projects and, in addition to his pedagogical activities, he still deals mainly with the role of energy, heat turbines and district heating. In 2016, he received the Medal of Prof. Letter of Merit for the Development of the Czech Energy Sector.
From 2002 to 2021 he worked in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as a forensic expert in the field of energy, specializing in heat turbines, power plant machinery and heating. He has prepared more than 50 assessments of serious accidents in the energy and chemical industries.

Tomáš Kovalovský


Chairman of the board

project manager and consultant in the energy sector

From 10/2020, chairman of the Czech Nuclear Association, which aims to support the renewal and development of nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic. He also works as a project manager and consultant in the energy sector.
Formerly Deputy Director of the Radioactive Waste Repositories Administration (RAWRA). In ČEZ, a.s. positions of specialists up to leading and managerial positions on projects for renewal of license documents, configuration management for NPPs, extension of Dukovany NPP life cycle, preparation of both new nuclear sources, construction of Ledvice coal source. Peer reviewer WANO.

Pavel Křišťál


1984 ČEZ - engineer of the Tušimice Power Plant power plant.
1990 - 2003 ČEZ Temelín Nuclear Power Plant, where I participated in the commissioning of both units. After the power plant was commissioned, I started operating as a foreman.
2009 - 2016 Škoda Praha Invest, functional classification of a specialist of the technical control department on the construction of a new source of the Ledvice power plant. On this project, my job was to check the quality of the assembly of the entire secondary equipment. This means TG sets, power supply, chemical equipment (Chemical water treatment, cooling water treatment, unit water treatment, neutralization), classical and supercritical pipelines, wastewater management, heat dissipation, and last but not least, pipeline bridges. Among other things, I was entrusted with the management of all pressure tests performed on Ledvice coal plant secondary equipment.
2016 - ŠKODA JS. In this company, I was working in the expert team for the support of "Slovenské elektrárny" within the completion of the Mochovce 3,4 power plant, focusing on quality control of the technological assembly of the primary circuit.
2017 - ŠKODA JS. Reassignment within the ŠJS company to engineering for the position of technical coordinator on the completion of Mochovce 3,4. My task was to prepare the installed primary circuit equipment for delivery to the customer. This activity ended in 2020 due to COVID19.

Eduard Malenovský

Prof. Ing. DrSc.

Professor Emeritus TU Brno

After graduating from university in Brno, I joined a research institute, where he worked for 7 years. Then I started at Technical University Brno FME, where I worked until retirement.
In the field of pedagogy, I dealt with mechanics, especially the issue of computational methods. In this context, the issue of bounded oscillations. The problem of the interaction of rigid and flexible bodies with fluids is also significant.
For many years I have dealt with the issue of computational and experimental modeling of the dynamic properties of the blades of rotary machines at rest and during rotation, including participation in a number of measurements in operating conditions.
I also dealt with the dynamics of blades and impellers. Furthermore, the dynamics of rotary machines and numerical methods of mechanics. I am the solver or co-solver of a number of research projects in close connection with the industry, including the solution of a number of specific problems of technical practice, such as the solution of rotor systems of turbosets, aircraft machines etc.

Petr Nejedlý


Elektrárna Dukovany II. a.s. / NPP Temelín

Experience in the energy sector since 1988

Lubomír Raus



421 / 5000
Výsledky překladu
Management operating personnel - NPP Dukovany block control room operator / second operator, primary operator / block manager with the authorization of a monetary engineer
Fuel change shutdown manager
Head of EDU Coordination Department
Project Manager Optimization of outages for fuel change EDU / 2009 Director general CEZ, a.s. for extraordinary contribution to society
Project manager
Head of the EDU Extension Program beyond the original project design life (LTO)

Zdeněk Šnaider


Director of the Project Management of the Comprehensive Renovation of the Tušimice II and Prunéřov II Power Plants


Now holds the position of Director of the Project Management of the Comprehensive Renovation of the Tušimice II and Prunéřov II Power Plants as the General Contractor of the Construction. He was in charge of complete project management from project preparation, business and contractual provision of the project to its own management of implementation, start-up, testing, warranty measurements of technological equipment, project economics and complete handover to the end customer, including ensuring trial and warranty operation until signing the FAC protocol.
Since 2016, he has taken over the Ledvice project (construction of a new supercritical source of the Ledvice 660MWe power plant) in the position of project director, which was successfully handed over to the investor in 2017.
In the past, he also held the management of the comprehensive renovation project of the Tušimice II Power Plant in the position of chief designer for the general contractor (ŠKODA PRAHA INVEST); director of the G-team s.r.o. where he provided turnkey deliveries of medium and large investment projects.
And other important positions as Deputy Director of Energetické opravny, a.s. for machine maintenance services at selected coal and nuclear power plants, ČEZ, a.s. as a monetary engineer at the Prunéřov I power plant.

Lukáš Techl


Authorized engineer and project manager in construction. Investigator of many construction and technological projects, manager of investment acquisitions at Penta Investments, YIT, Hydropol Project and Management, EC Haris and Metrostav.

Radek Trtílek


director of the Radioactive Waste and Decommissioning Division

ÚJV Řež, a. s.

Graduate of nuclear engineering at the FNSPE CTU in Prague, postgraduate studies at UNIBA in Bratislava and University of South Bohemina in České Budějovice.
More than 30 years of experience in the field of RAW management, including NPP construction, licensing and operation of equipment, R&D projects and DGR development.
Participation in IAEA expert missions, lectures and presentations.
Since 2010 he has been the director of the Radioactive Waste and Decommissioning Division at ÚJV Řež, a.s.

Marek Vochozka

Prof. Ing. MBA, PhD.

professor, vice director at the Institute of Expertise and Valuation

University of Technology and Economics in České Budějovice, Institute of Expertise and Valuation

is the Rector Emeritus of the University of Technology and Economics in České Budějovice. He is currently working as a vice director at the Institute of Expertise and Valuation. He specializes in economic theory, corporate finance and economic and financial evaluation of investments (including investments in technology). He is the author of a number of publications, the solver and co-solver of a number of research projects (including TA CR projects). He also works as a forensic expert. In addition to valuing companies, real estate, financial assets, etc., its focus is investment valuation.