Position papers

27. 4. 2021

No reason to postpone new unit in Dukovany

The new unit in Dukovany is a crucial step in ensuring the energy self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic. Therefore, Tomáš Kovalovský, chairman of the Czech Nuclear Association, and Vítězslav Jonáš, chairman of Energetické Třebíčsko had meeting in parliament, to make a discussion on this topic. There is considerable agreement on announcing a tender on the […]

14. 4. 2021

We become a member of the World Nuclear Association

Finally we officially become member of the World Nuclear. We believe that the cooperation will bring us not only the latest information in the field of nuclear energy in the form of new trends, interests and goals. But also the direction and preparation of transnational policies in which we can also participate. Membership in the […]

6. 4. 2021

The chairman discussed membership at the World Nuclear Association

We officially discussed the membership in the World Nuclear Association. The director general Sama Bilbao y Léon discussed with our chairman Mr. Tomáš Kovalovský. Conclusion is that we make steps to become a member of this respected World Nuclear Association. We are looking forward to mutual cooperation.

31. 3. 2021

The chairmen of the associations met to discuss the current status

March 31, 2021. The chairmen of the Czech Nuclear Association and the Třebíč Energy Region met to discuss the current status of the nuclear tender on Dukovany NPP site. Two presidents agreed that there would be no tender until the elections. The result of the negotiations is an agreement to expand mutual cooperation.